Friday, April 15, 2011

|| Cili Padi ||

yeah~ visitor counter today hit 200++..
means.. really there's so many ppl coming in and look(8)...
but to those who keep disturbing us,
pls, if u r here.. keep us alone...
we have our way to go...
stop watever action u r doing...
probably u think is good for us..
but, only we knw wat is good for us..
we truely thank you for ur good hearted and kindness to keep us together..
we r officially separated..
I've my works to worry about..
she has got her finals to worry about..
we really wish to go on our way..

if u r the person who just "ate" my cili padi, u shd be getting very hot now..
sorry if those words hurts.. but
that's our desire..
hope u can honour our decision... Thank you!


  1. i understand why you're angry KM. sorry, take good care of your ownself and her when she needs you, GBU!

  2. Dear Anonymous, MYOB.. Thank you.

  3. ??? tat's funny!!
    I din seems to be angry with my post up there?
    m i?
    I m not angry at all.. Thank you for ur caring for both of us.. we all r still fren.. ;)

  4. We are not disturbing. U have no brain. Website is for people to see ur site. Do u need to write all these 38 things for people to know how u feel. What chilly padi or u r not happy, no one's happy. u r boastful n sak pau fun mu si cho. Office work belum siap-siap cakap banyak. Boss sangat marah...

  5. KM, so sorry to making u trouble. Good luck for everything, GBU!

  6. Dear Anonymous!! It is up to the blogger who write about how they feel?! you have a choice-eiter to read wht ppl wrote or choose not to read!! da one who always say ppl no brain is actually they themselves are stupid. it is not ur business whether or not ppl sak pau fun mu si cho! Idiot!

  7. Right! agree with you! KM i support U!
    KM,that day father told me, one day she will understand, she might be too late, but perhaps there is not your matter anymore. as long as you knew you did wrong,and you had tried your best to offset,god will forgive you. he told me, if a person giving up things that he/she should be appreciate, actually he/she is losing those best things in the life. I guess, you already done very well, but, don't forget to takecare your ownself. GBU!

  8. To KM, my senior.. I am not 8-ing but I'm just visiting new updates from my friends in my friend list whenever I am free..
    I am sorry to hear about your news, but will do support you both' decision. The world is broad, there are many more things are more important to be done and priority and willingness we should do, as now what you'd like to do and she'd love to do.. And you both have really been doing.. Good luck~

    To one of the Anonymous: as it is a blogger of his/her personal blog, it's all up to the person itself to manage on, even though it is on site.. it's no harm for him to place his thought on net though.. please learn to appreciate the world and not complaining.. If you feel uncomfortable with the blog, why would you still bother with it? chill~